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Take back control of your car parking spaces with UK Parking Management. We can ensure your parking spaces are running smooth at all times and your private land is protected against authorised parking.

UKPM is a national car park management company based in Manchester. We provide professional and cost effective car park management and parking enforcement solutions throughout the UK.

Issuing parking charge notice’s to unauthorised vehicles parked on your private lands and private parking facilities. UK Parking Management can also provide professional Warden Patrol services for areas suffering heavily from unauthorised parking problems.

Parking Enforcement & Car Park Management

UK Parking Management (UKPM) is a Manchester based car park management company with regional offices throughout the UK, providing professional and cost effective car park management solutions for private car parks, businesses, organisations and private lands throughout the UK.

Residential car park management solutions - UK Parking Management and enforcement services


Parking management and enforcement solutions for all private residential scheme.

Commercial car park management - UK Parking Management


Managing and protecting your parking at multiple tenant commercial properties.

Retail and Leisure parking management - UK Parking Management - Manchester


Parking management service to protect and manage restricted parking areas.

Landowners, organisations and businesses

We help landowners, organisations and businesses with all aspects of parking enforcement and car park management matters, protecting their private car parks and private land, UK Parking Management provides an alternative solution to wheel-clamping on private land, our car park management solutions can be tailored to each clients car parking management and enforcement requirements, we can help deter unauthorised parking on private property and parking abuse by installing our tailored parking enforcement system. Our reliable and professional car park management services will keep your private parking spaces reserved for your visitors, customers and staff and stop unauthorised parking on your parking facilities.

Car Park Management

If you’re having parking problems or your private car parks or your private land is becoming a target for drivers looking for a convenient place to park, UK Parking Management have the bespoke car park management solutions for you!

Manchester Car Park Management

You shouldn’t have to put up with unauthorised parking on your private land anymore, you can now protect your private land or your private car parking spaces with UK Parking Management private car parking control solutions.

With UKPM’s professional car park management services you will protect your property or car parks and always have a parking space available for your authorised users. Our car park management services will deter parking abuse such as i.e. Disabled parking abuse and stop unauthorised parking on your private car parks or private land.

UK Car Park Management Services

We provide professional and cost effective car park management and parking enforcement services to residential properties, landlords, businesses, commercial organisation, private roads, private car parks, leisure and retail parks, our car park management services are also available to councils and local authorities in the UK.
Parking Problems on Private Land

Our professionally trained staff and friendly customer service team are here to assist you with all of your parking problems requirements.

If you’re facing unauthorised parking problems or car parking abuse and would like to find out more how we can assist you with your parking problems, then get in touch with us today.