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Commercial Parking Management Services

UK Parking Management can provide cost effective and professional private parking enforcement and car park management solutions across the UK. Our reliable parking solutions can help businesses and organisations that are suffering from parking problems or parking abuse.

Parking problems can effect businesses and organisation and their visitors, customers and staff, here at UKPM we can provide you with an effective parking control management system for single or multi tenant commercial property to manage and stop unauthorised parking and in turn help reduce both internal and external parking problems as well as making sure your car park users, staff and visitor have rights to use the correct allocated parking spaces on a 24 hour 7 days a week basis.

Protecting your parking spaces

You shouldn’t have to put up with parking problems or regular confrontation with drivers choosing a convenient parking space to park their vehicles which can effect your business and costumers.

With our Commercial Parking Management service you can keep the offending drivers away form your parking spaces or land. We can help you keeping your parking spaces reserved for your Staff, Visitors, Customers, Disable Badge Parking Only or a complete No Parking at any time zone.

Our commercial parking management services:

 Dedicated Business Manager  Contractor parking permits
 Parking sign (designed where applicable)  Disable parking only
 Parking permit system  Parking warden patrols
 Staff, costumer, visitor permit systems  Back office support
 Customised parking proposals  Parking Charge Notice (PCN) processing