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Manchester Parking Solutions & Car Park Management

Here at UK Parking Management – Manchester’s premier parking solutions we can provide you with our professional warden patrol services which is aimed for all private lands and private car parks that are plagued with unauthorised parkers.

By Installing our parking notice signs, this will be a very effective way of keeping unauthorised vehicles away from your property and parking areas without have to use any of your own company’s resources or daily confrontations with drivers.

Self Ticketing – Parking Management Kit

With our Self Ticketing parking control service you can legally self control and manage your own premises and car parks. You can legally issue enforceable Parking Charge Notice’s to any unauthorised vehicle that is parked on your land or private car parks.

With UKPM Car Park Management Kit, you are in complete control of your car parking spaces or private land. We will provide you with our parking management kit which is designed to suit your parking problems needs, whether you require your parking areas for permit holders, disable parking badge holder, customers only, staff or no parking or stopping at any time.

By displaying our parking notice signs will usually stop most unauthorised parking, however if any drivers choose to ignore the contractual parking notice signs you can either issue a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) or a polite warning sticker! We will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to issue Parking Charge Notice’s and how to gather photographic evidence from the offending vehicles.

We offer a tailor made solution to whatever your parking needs may be.

Here’s some of our services:

  • Pay & Display
  • Residents Only Parking
  • Customers Only Whilst Visiting
  • Loading & Unloading Only
  • Retail & Leisure
  • Maximum Stay
  • One Off Event Parking
  • Private Land / Access Only
  • Staff Only Parking
  • Absolute No Parking
  • Permit Holders Only
  • Bars & Restaurants