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Car Park Warden Attendant Service

UK Parking Management can offer parking warden attendant service which is aimed for areas or those who are suffering particularly badly from unauthorised parking problems. This service is tailored to keep the offenders away when the parking notice signs are installed, without have to confront the offenders your self or your company’s resources.

Our professionally uniformed wardens will randomly monitor your car parks or private land and will issue parking charge notice (PCN) to any vehicle that is  found to be in breach of our parking notice signs condition. Our parking wardens conduct multiple random patrols checks to ensure your site runs smooth at all time. All our wardens are fully uniformed and carry our I.D and are fully insured.

If you wish we can issue a polite notices to drivers that are parked without your permission and if the matter is not resolved then we can issue them with a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) or we could issue the offending vehicle with a parking charge notice if they’ve found to be in breach of our parking signs condition.

UK Parking Management (UKPM) provides parking management services to businesses and private landlords across Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Stockport, Liverpool, Leeds and London. We can provide our services all around the UK, if you need more information please contact us and speak to one our friendly customer representatives.

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