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Self-Ticketing Car Parking Management

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Do it yourself parking enforcement!

This service allows you to report unauthorised vehicles parked on your private parking spaces or report parking abuse on your private car park at your discretion.

Our 3 simple step Self Ticketing service is a solution we offer to landlords, companies and car park owners who wish to manage their own private parking area(s).

  • Complete privacy!
  • 3 simple step procedure.
  • Suitable for all private car parks and private lands.
  • You receive £10 commission for every paid Parking Charge.

Stop Parking Problems on Private Land

  • Are you suffering from parking problems on your private land?
  • Unauthorised parking issues on your private car park?
  • People keep parking on your private parking space(s)?
  • Is your car park suffering from parking abuse?
  • Disabled parking abuse?

Our Self-Reporting or the Self-Ticketing service is a car park management solution which enables landlords, authorised agents or authorised tenants to report and issue tickets themselves!

Self Ticketing Parking Solutions - UK Parking Management3 Simple Steps

  1. Register
  2. Install Signage (instructions will be provided to you)
  3. Issue Ticket by taking photos of offending vehicle/s
    (send images via email)

Our Self-Ticketing service is subject to terms and conditions and is only available to landlords, authorised agents and authorised tenants.

As a regulated car park operator we are required to carry out an internal audit for each site to ensure the site is in accordance with the code of practice. We may require further evidence to ensure the suitability of the service to client, this means without limitation carrying out checks to verify the landlords details, requesting site-map showing the boundaries of the property.